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Mahila Facts: Female Anatomy

Mahila Facts: Female Anatomy

It’s been a while since our last lesson. After the impromptu summer break, let’s return to our discussions about the inner workings of the female body. It surprises me to this day how little girls tend to know about where all the female knickknacks are located in their body.

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In this side cross section, it can be clearly seen that the uterus is located squeezed in between the bladder and the rectum. Seeing it at this size can make it difficult to imagine the elasticity the uterus must have to be able to accommodate a fetus, but the ingenuity of our human body makes it happen.

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Ovary: Normally, two ovaries are present and each one holds about a million eggs from birth, giving a total of two million eggs. The ovary is nothing more than the storage house of the follicles that hold the eggs until the arrival of puberty. Once menstruation does begin, not all of the follicles will undergo the cycle, some may even fail mid-cycle. Those that do graduate from the ovary, will first enter the Follicular phase, then Ovulation and finally the Luteal phase, as was covered in the previous lesson.

Fallopian Tubes: This is the pathway the egg will use to reach the uterus. The fimbriae on the end closest to the ovary are given the job of grabbing the egg (or the ovum as it is now known following its release from the ruptured follicle) once it is ready to move on from the ovary to the uterus. The ovum travels in through the fimbriae to the ampulla. The ovum promptly turns into the Corpus Luteum in the ampulla and awaits fertilization by sperm. If it is fertilized, the Corpus Luteum is now called a zygote and continues on its path to the uterus through the isthmus which is the narrower part of the tube.

Uterus: It is divided into three parts. The Fundus is uppermost portion of the uterus. The size of which is used to determine the growth rate of a fetus during a pregnancy. The Body is the central portion of the uterus. The Cervix is the narrow end of the uterus that opens into the vagina. It can be from 10-13 cm long and the shape depends on age, hormonal state and previous vaginal deliveries.

The walls of the uterus are also divided into three layers. The innermost layer is called the Endometrium. This layer is responsible for the formation of the cushioning that is necessary to comfortably hold the fetus. It is also the shedding of this cushioning in the absence of fertilization that causes menstruation. This layer is also responsible for the regeneration of the other layers, therefore damage to this layer causes difficulties in attaining pregnancy and menstrual irregularities.

The middle layer is called the Myometrium. This is the muscular component of the uterus. The rippling  effect of the myometrium causes the baby and  menstrual debris to move downward toward that vaginal opening. However, the pain caused by menstrual cramping and labor contractions can also be blamed on this effect.

The outer most layer is called the Perimetrium and is just a simple lining that holds all the different components together and attaches to adjacent organs to hold the uterus in place.

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The Hiatus Ends

No it’s not a new movie. Don’t get too happy.

Will finally get to start watching more movies that I’d had my eye on. More updates and reviews coming soon guys!

Koffee With Karan

This is about the ONLY Indian TV show that I keep up with. I wait all weekend long for it so I can take my 40 minutes of break from studying to watch it.

From the beginning, Bollywood has done a great job of putting it’s stars and celebs up on a pedestal. To the point, even, that people worship these actors. They want to emulate them in every single way. They’re not just their favorite celebrities, they become their role models and idols, in every possible way imaginable. The private lives of Bollywood celebrities are pretty much kept under wraps. Of course, you have your tabloids and gossip columns that promise to be revealing to you the absolute truth but, really, in the end whatever is said in one gossip column is then later denied by the same celeb in another tabloid. Who do you believe? Which is the actual interview with the actual person? After a while, you just want to ignore it all and make believe a larger than life reality for these celebs.

This is why Koffee With Karan is so great. You get to meet the humans behind those movie-faces. Their real lives, their ambitions, their aspirations, their moments of true despair, all in all, just THEM. You get to judge for yourself who they really are. Of who is in the business for the fame and money and who is in it for their love of acting. Of who is truly deserving of your adoration based on their real-life personality.

I loved the proposal story of Lara&Mahesh because it wasn’t something out of a fairy-tale, or better yet, a Bollywood movie but it was so normal. Something that could have easily happened to you, or me, or anyone else for that matter. Just two adults that decided they should probably add the marriage factor into their relationship equation.

Or when Sanjay Dutt talked about not being able to make it to his daughter’s graduation in the US. It was a reminder that

no matter who you are, or how much money you have, despair and difficulties are always two steps behind. That life is life, despite your popularity.

My favorite is the Ranbir & Imran episode. The Deepika & Sonam episode being a close second.

Word of advice to Karan Johar, please stop going to every commercial break and coming back from every break saying “In conversation with…” Reminds me of the infamous Tyra Banks line from America’s Next Top Model, where she would always say “I have _______ girls standing in front of me but I only have ________ photos in my hands. The girl whose named I do not call will return to the house and pack her bags.” Yes, I do have it memorized. Annoying.

And please, Karan, stop referring to your show’s “segments”. I don’t need to be reminded that SRK isn’t really sitting in my living room and discussing with me the ups and downs of his life and career.

Okay, I think that’s enough “quotations” for now…